Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meredith Safran presented Roman Comedy at Trinity College faculty seminar

Meredith Safran writes:

On Thursday October 3rd, I participated in the first installment of the Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies' Faculty Seminars, on the topic "Between Text and Performance." There are four seminars each year and they consist of Trinity faculty plus an invited guest speaker addressing a topic of cross-disciplinary interest; both faculty and students attend. I spoke about the textual and performance-based issues in the study of Roman comedy and specifically used our work in the NEH seminar to exemplify how scholars are engaging with these questions in an experimental format. The visiting speaker was Rebecca Schneider, professor of Theater and Performance Studies at Brown. There was a turnout of about 50 people, including faculty from many different departments and the new Dean of Faculty.

There wasn't time for clips, so I showed some stills and talked about production choices. Here's the program:

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